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If you would like to borrow something from the Multiple Sclerosis Resources of Central New York, Inc. Lending Library –Please call the Office at (315) 438-4790 or 1-800-975-2404 or email us at  All books, videos, or CD’s may be borrowed for 1 month. Please provide the number and book title when making your selections for books.


B1 Alternative Medicine & MS
B2 An Illustrated Pocketbook of MS
B3 A Patient – Expert Walks you through everything you need to learn and do
B4 Barrier Free Travel
B5 Dictionary of MS
B6 Dietary Supplements of MS
B7 Employment Issues & MS
B8 Facing the Cognitive Challenges of MS
B9 Fatigue in MS
B10 Get Fit While You Sit
B11 Help Your Child Avoid MS
B12 Insurance Solutions
B13 Just the Facts – MS
B14 Let’s Talk about living with a Parent with MS
B15 Living Beyond MS – A Women’s Guide
B16 Living with MS – A Wellness Approach
B17 Mainstay – For the Well Spouse of the Chronically Ill
B18 300 Tips for Making Life Easier
B19 MS – A guide for the newly diagnosed 1st, 2nd, 3rd editions
B20 MS – A guide for families 1st and 3rd editions

B21 MS – The guide to treatment and management 5th edition
B22 MS – The guide to treatment and management 6th edition
B23 MS in Clinical Practice
B24 Managing the Symptoms of MS 4th, 5th editions
B25 MS and the Family
B26 MS – Your legal rights
B27 MS – A self-care guide to wellness
B28 The MS Workbook
B29 Patient’s Sourcebook on MS
B30 MS – the history of a disease
B31 MS – The Questions you have – the answers you need 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th editions
B32 MS Understanding Cognitive Challenges
B33 Therapeutic Claims in MS 2nd, 4th editions
B34 MS Psychosocial & Vocational Interventions
B35 MS Q & A
B36 OT Practice & Research with persons with MS
B37 OT & MS
B38 MS the facts you need

B39 MS – the facts
B40 Speech & Language Disorders in MS
B41 Women Living with MS
B42 Meeting the Challenges of Progressive MS
B43 Primary Progressive MS
B44 Health Insurance Resources
B45 Health Insurance – How to get it, keep it
B46 Tax Options
B47 The Essential Patient Handbook
B48 MS Diet Boook
B49 MS & Having a Baby
B50 MS – Your Guide to the Natural Way
B51 The Personal Care Attendant
B52 Yoga and MS
B53 Exercises for MS
B54 Curing MS
B55 MS & Your Feelings
B56 Mental Sharpening Stones
B57 MS A to Z
B58 What Nurses Know
B59 The Wahl’s Protocol
B59A Minding my Mitochondria – Wahl
NE 1 Optimal Health with MS


AB1 Speedbumps – Teri Garr
AB2 Fall Down Laughing – David Lander
AB3 Mountain Get out of my Way – Montel Williams
AB4 Climbing Higher – Montel Williams

AB5 A Dream is a Wish your heart makes – Annette Funicello
AB6 Facing MS – Our Longest Journey – Dorothy & Joel Shatzky
AB7 When the Road Turns – Margot Russell
AB8 Yes, You Can! – Janis Dietz, Ph.D
AB9 Blindsided – Richard Cohen
AB10 From MS to Wellness – Betty Iams
AB11 New Altitude – Wendy Booker


SH 1 More than a Mountain


DVD 1 YOGA for MS (several copies)