Multiple Sclerosis Resources of Central New York, Inc., is dedicated to creating awareness and providing resources to improve the lives of individuals with multiple sclerosis and their families.


Multiple Sclerosis Resources of Central New York, Inc., (MS Resources for short) is a 501(c)3 not for profit local health agency.  We were founded in 1998 and created to provide local client services for local persons diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  
This agency was developed by a group of concerned individuals within our community that felt persons with MS needed additional assistance to help them meet the daily challenges of living with a chronic disease in our local areas.
Multiple Sclerosis Resources of Central New York, Inc. is not part of a large National organization.  We are a local agency that is part of your local community.

Multiple Sclerosis Resources of Central New York, Inc. All the funds raised by  stay in our community and are spent on MS clients in our community.


Services include, but are not limited to the following:

~ Support Groups for MS persons, family members, friends and caregivers https://msrofcny.org/support-groups/

~ Medical Information current information on the disease, as well as the latest up to date information on Drug Therapies https://msrofcny.org/education/understanding-medications-to-help-treat-your-ms/

~ Lending Library books, video’s and cd’s are available to borrow https://msrofcny.org/lending-library/

~ Newsletter“The MS Chronicle” is published 6 times per year and is available via mail or through our website https://msrofcny.org/newsletters/

~ Educational Programs – programs on a variety of topics of interest to persons with MS, their families, friends, caregivers and the general public

~ Professional Educational Programs – for health care professionals

~ Transportation – to neurology appointments if other arrangements are not available

~ Equipment Loan Closet – lending of durable medical equipment from available inventory

~ Advocacy – to campaign for clients and issues relevant to multiple sclerosis and our cause

~ Referrals – to other local agencies assisting in the welfare and care of ms persons

~ Aqua Therapy and Land Excercise Grants – to help promote movement and exercise

~ Men’s and Women’s Retreats – a weekend getaway to exchange ideas, foster camaraderie and have fun

~ Home Modifications** – which fall within the guidelines set forth by MS Resources

~ Financial Assistance** which fall within the guidelines set forth by MS Resources

**Requests must fall within specified guidelines determined by Multiple Sclerosis Resources of Central New York, Inc., Specific forms and documents are required. Approvals and allocations will be decided by the Services Committee and based on the availability of the funds at the time of the request.

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