The fourth annual Mock Shoe Sale will begin on March 1, 2020 and continues for the entire month of March.

Join in by buying one shoe for $ 1.00 or if you dare buy a pair for $5.00! (If buying online there is a minimum purchase of $5.00)

Susan Rusinko turned her love for high heel shoes (she can no longer wear because her MS affected her walking) into a fund raiser for MS Resources! She went to local businesses in Auburn and invited them to compete for the Shoe Trophy. Each business will sell the shoe cut outs the entire month of March. The business that sells the most shoes will hold the  shoe trophy for the year!

We encourage you to support Susan and the local businesses! The participating businesses are, Belvedere Lounge, Curley’s Restaurant, Good Shepards Brewing Co., Kosta’s Bar and Grill, Moondog’s Lounge, Parker’s Grille and Tap House, Swaby’s Tavern, Swifty’s Tavern and Tinkers Guild!

Mock Shoe Sale

Buy a shoe for $1.00 or buy a pair if you dare for $5.00! ($5.00 minimum for online donations)
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